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Gamat Bay - Nusa Penida Destination

gamat bay nusa penida destination
Gamat Bay
Nusa Penida Destination

Gamat Bay Nusa Penida is well known by divers, because of its beauty and its current strength. The calm waters of Gamat bay are full of small caves and crevices and the variety of reef fish and invertebrates here are exceptional. Reachable only by boat, small white sand beach and crystal clear waters here make for excellent snorkeling and diving.

Home to an array of brightly colour reef fish this protected bay is a nursery for all kinds of marine life that flourish in the rich waters of Nusa Penida. The location is quite challenging, so for snorkeling and diving activities at Nusa Penida Gamat Bay, you must have diving experience. Or dive with your expert guide. The divers who come to Gamat Bay, really enjoy the underwater life.

You can see turtles, pelagic fish, and if you're lucky, you'll see a huge mola-mola. The seafloor at Gamat Bay Nusa Penida is separately sandy, with coral groups and coral mounds. For diving and snorkeling lovers, you should visit Nusa Penida Gamat Bay Beach. Beautiful sea views, clean air, clear water, and lush trees around the bay. The bay is filled with colorful fish and corals, perfect for snorkeling after diving.

gamat bay nusa penida
nusa penida snorkeling
nusa penida gamat bay
  • Desa & Village of Sakti
  • Kecamatan & Sub-district of Nusa Penida
  • City & Kotamadya of Klungkung
  • Provinsi & Province of Bali
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