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mushroom bay port
Mushroom Bay Port Lembongan Island

Mushroom Bay Port is another seaport located at Mushroom Bay Beach southwest of Lembongan Island, the boat will actually dock on the beach, so when you embark and disembark, your feet and ankles will get wet, so don’t forget to dress appropriately.

Mushroom Bay Beach has a great white sandy beach, along with some cozy little water-side restaurants. Mushroom Bay, the natural feel is comfortable, the sea water is calm in the white sand beach frame, perfect for relaxing, sunbathing and swimming.

It’s a little more laid back than Jungut Batu Beach, and awesome beach to swim. The actual beachfront has a few good options for food. There is also a strip of decent bars and mini marts right back from the beach where you can find everything you need.

Port Distance
  • About 4 km south of Jungut Batu Port or 15 minutes
  • About 4.5 km west of Telatak Harbor or 20 minutes
  • About 2.7 km west of Yellow Bridge or 10 minutes
Port Location
  • Desa & Village of Jungut Batu
  • Kecamatan & Sub-district of Nusa Penida
  • City & Kotamadya of Klungkung
  • Provinsi & Province of Bali
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